5 Reasons to Hit the Salad Bar

Eating healthy is typically a recognized effort to be in better health. However, when heading to a restaurant people tend to skip the salad bar, not realizing the immense health benefits they are ignoring. The following five reasons are encouragement to hit the salad bar any time you decide to eat out and skip the fast food drive-thru.

Dark Greens Are Your Friend

Spinach, arugula and kale are top on the list of foods to eat for eye health and vitamins like Vitamin K, A, C and B. These can be found on the salad bar almost anywhere, provided you skip the weak looking iceberg lettuce.

Carrots Aren’t Just for Rabbits

Carrots are good for the heart and can help the body fight some types of cancer. It doesn’t hurt that they can also be good for the eyes. Toss some on your plate at the salad bar and see your health improve quickly.

Eating Cold Foods Can be a Healthy Alternative

A refrigerated salad bar is a great place to get healthy foods at the right temperatures. It helps to know where to go when you are on a diet. Certain restaurants take better care of their salad bars. It’s good to know where those are located when you have to eat on the go.

Don’t Forget the Beets

You may not buy beets at the grocery store very often. Eating them, however, is a smart way to have a healthy heart and also see a decrease in arthritis or other conditions that relate to inflammation in the body.

Red Peppers Are Better Than an Orange

When it comes to Vitamin C, most people think oranges are the way to go. Instead, eat a cup of chopped red pepper and get three times the amount of Vitamin C than from a daily orange.