You, yes, you; are you throwing a cocktail party. And are you looking to make it even better than the last event you hosted? Did it not quite live up to the expectations of you and your guests? Time to start afresh and look out for new alternatives. The reason for you specifically hosting a cocktail party could come down to your business intentions and how you’d like to entertain and enthrall your invited audience.

At this stage, you do not want your guests to be too focused on the food at the table. You want their attention to be more focused on your team’s presentation, but at the same time, you need to keep them appetized. It cannot be a good deal to intoxicate them with an exuberant helping of aperitifs. That would cause them to lose focus and the subject could easily be changed, much against your intentions.

cocktail garnishes

And in any case, the law rarely allows this. No drinking and driving at night. Well, at least within the barest of limits. It’s still inconvenient, so you’ll be offering your guests something on the lightweight side. In the meantime, the preparation of cocktail garnishes will need to be carefully thought out. You can contact your new catering team and be as upfront as possible about what you would like to achieve for the evening and the sensations you’d like your guests to feel.

Cocktail garnishes can be both picturesque and picaresque. But at the same time, professional and creative catering teams will have the ability to not allow their fare to dominate the evening. They are as corporate minded as you are and will have your best business interests in mind. After all, they are catering to you and your guests, no one else.